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To Begin the World Over Again​: How the American Revolution Devastated the Globe

My current book examines the unintended consequences of the Revolution beyond the borders of the newly United States. To Begin the World Over Again presents this story of this unforeseen revolution in a globalized world, illuminating the forgotten stories of the people and places wracked and remade in these perilous times. From smugglers in England to murders in Africa, from duels in London and Calcutta to Hurricanes in the Caribbean, race riots in Canada, convicts in Australia, and European embassies in China, To Begin the World Over Again charts the untold and unexpected global impact of the American Revolution. Combining a global perspective with the experiences of ordinary people living in extraordinary times, it sheds new light on a well known subject, turning the familiar stories of enlightened debate and idealistic intellectuals upside down and uncovering the chaos of America’s birth and Britain’s defeat.    

To Begin the World Over Again  was published by Yale University Press in Fall 2019.

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